Video Production

Services - Video Production

  • SOLUTIONS Multimedia provides complete line production, coordination and management facilities to film crews across the country. To film in an unknown environment is always stressful but our pre production planning ensures that there are no hassles on the shoot. This increases the productivity and lowers the cost as well. Our coordinators have experience in making a rapport with the subjects, pinning down a location with proper releases and conduct research to dig out interesting facets adding value to the film.
  • We undertake turn-key productions of Corporate films, Documentation films for CSR projects, Advertising films, Documentaries, Promos, TVC's and television programming. Our strength lies in the fact that we can meet urgent deadlines in any production and post-production schedule without any compromise in technical and content quality.
  • We can also help you to film your documentary, commercial, music video or a Corporate Film. You can hire us as your production coordinator or hire any of our services such as production coordination, location managers or post production.
  • We will take care of all your needs such as Budgeting, Research, Location Scout/ Recce, permits, local travel & accommodation for shooting / filming anywhere in India in addition to arranging for the appropriate equipment with crew.

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